Electronics manufacturing made smaller, lighter, thinner

Save space, weight and money with smaller circuits and smaller components

Terecircuits' process completely transforms the landscape for electronics manufacturing. Smaller, thinner and lighter, with faster and less expensive design cycles: electronics will never look the same again. Existing products or new, make things in a way that you never thought was possible. Want to know more?

Contact us  now to find out how you can re-think your existing products. And imagine completely new ones.

What do we do?

We make ultra-thin electronic Systems in Package (SIP)

Think of an electronics system enclosed in a single package.

See a piece of old-fashioned 35mm film.

Now imagine all your electronics packaged in the film.

Terecircuits' Photopolymer Component Assembly (PCA) process

a proprietary methodology to transfer components onto their final substrate using polymer thin films in a photolithography- like process

Chip Placement

Chips adhere to the sticky polymer coating on a donor plate. This donor plate is then positioned over a substrate, and irradiation of the polymer through a mask causes selective release of the exposed chips.

Final assembly

Once all components are embedded the planar surface enables high-resolution interconnect.

This is a very flat surface with components closely located within a few um.

The CTE of the polymer and silicon is very close so the whole assembly resembles a SoC device.

Example markets




Wearable Sensors


Integrated Packaging